Cloud Telephony

In a world where virtually every sector is digitized, it will abnormal for you or your firm to decide to not grow. Restricting yourself access to modern technology and sticking to an old phone machine is like restricting your growth in business. Cloud Telephony helps you reach customers across the globe and stay linked with little or no charge for your calls.

Replace Your Business Phone System

Replace Business Phone System Cloud telephony provides high quality business grade voice and advanced call features available on a desk phone, PC softphone or your mobile device, making sure that you never miss that important call.

With Cloud Telephony all your incoming and outgoing calls will be on Cloud, because all the calls are routed through Cloud Servers. Features like IVR, Call recording, Auto-Attendant, Reporting, Number Masking, other features are easily available to everybody without investing in costly telephone infrastructure.

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Call Through Any Device

With our App, you can make HD Voice and Video calls, check your voicemails, call from your contact list and chat using Mobile phones and Computers.

Should there be any interruption with your Cloud Telephone number, you need not to worry because you will receive all your calls from your mobile phone number for free.

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VoIP Services

Many businesses are yet to leverage the advantages inherent in VoIP technology and have restricted themselves from growing both in services and profits. Sticking to Traditional (Analogue) Telephone system is not the best idea because VoIP delivers the calling features you need and more features, free of charge or at a significantly reduced price than analogue phone system.

These are the most valuable features of VoIP that your company shouldn't overlook

Unlimited Free In-Network Calls

All calls to your colleagues, your employers and dedicated customers registered in your system irrespective of their locations are FREE.

Find Me/Follow Me

With Iwuchi’s hybrid phone system, you won’t miss your calls again. Workers who are always on the move will appreciate this feature, because Find Me/Follow Me feature will enable them add a list of mobile phone numbers where they can be found before a call is sent to voicemail.


With Auto-Attendant feature, one receptionist can do the work four receptionist. This feature allows callers to interact with a menu, either to get outright answer to FAQ or to choose an appropriate extension for their enquiries.

Conference Call

Conference call is a valuable feature of VoIP for companies with several offices or remote employees because it is free of charge. As a free internal calling, it paves way for increased collaboration and communication among teams.

Free International Calls

With you Iwuchi’s Hybrid Phone system, you can make or receive unlimited free international calls to US/Canada and to 46 other countries at a lower rate.

DID Phone Number

Direct Inward Dialling (DID) allows the phone number to have multiple extensions linked to it. With this, your business can purchase one DID phone number for the whole staff members and assign unique extensions to them to each of them have direct line to their phone.

Voicemail Box

Voicemail feature ensures you don’t lose your customer when your phone rings and ends without a respond. Voicemail ensures that a caller gets a respond and leaves a message, if the is unable to reach the company or the company’s employee.

Music on Hold

Music on Hold is a common way to entertain and inform callers while they wait on the queue.

Playing generally accepted songs or playing audios about your company promotions and new features is the best instead of silence.

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IT Consulting Service

Security, Efficiency, Productivity, Performance and System reliability is what we strive to offer our customers. We engage with your business employee and seek to understand your specific challenge, identify risks and opportunities and work with your team to provide you with effective IT solutions to support your company’s business objectives.


We will Automate your Business Processes and Operations while ensuring that your roadmap to automation is smooth and is free of unwanted break in business operations.


Our cybersecurity team consists of highly skilled certified IT security experts and engineers from India and USA. It is obvious that companies are migrating to cloud and their services can be accessed from across the globe. This opens the door to all kinds of cyber threats, and we are here to help you handle these threats.

Moving To Cloud

Moving to the Cloud is different for each organization, however, we understand how important running continued running of your business is and will provide a reliable solution for a seamless and smooth transition.

Our Cloud Solutions includes Data Backup/Business Continuity, Desktop-as-a-Service, Applications, Database Servers, Storage, Email, Encryption

Computers and IT Equipment

We will ensure that your organization saves cost and buys only the right computers and IT equipment required to ensure the smooth running of your business. We will provide accurate and timely maintenance to enable the smooth running of your business operations.

Network Installation

Almost every business with more than one office needs computer networking. If your business premises or offices are networked, don’t let traditional and outdated networks slow down your business growth. We offer speed optimization-driven world-class computer network installation that is aimed at ensuring seamless workflow by eliminating complexities to achieve good result.

Hardware Maintenance

Computer maintenance gives an edge to the company’s fast growth and profit maximization. Iwuchi have Maintenance Professionals that will provide real-time IT maintenance service to your company, this will save you from quacks who formats hard drives at well, as well downtime.

Virtual Private Networking (VPN)

Different companies provide VPN services across the globe to ensure the privacy and security of over 350 million users and businesses.

Iwuchi will offer you a VPN package tailored to suit your need. When VPN is installed, you can go to sleep knowing that, information of employees sent and received online and your internet connections is safeguarded from unauthorized intrusion.

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